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Hamako – died 2022

Years alone: 14

Hamako – died 2022

Hamako has been alone for 12 years, since the death of her companion Miyo. Her outdoor enclosure at the Hamamatsu City Zoo in Japan has no shade for her in the hot summer heat. Her indoor enclosure temperature was only 9.3 celsius in the middle of winter with no heater. Hamako shows a stress-coping behavior of patterned pacing in her outdoor enclosure, with which she occupies her time until the next “feeding time”.


Hamako died on 15. September 2022. She was alone for 14 years at the Hamamatsu City Zoo after her close companion, Miyo, died in 2008. The zoo reports that Hamako became too weak to stand on September 14, then was found passed away the following morning. They are investigating the death, claiming it is likely due to old age.


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Hamako has been alone for 14 years, since the death of her close companion Miyo.