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Take Action

You CAN make a difference.

Every little bit of effort helps to ignite change.

Help solitary elephants in Japan. Here are some ways you can:


Share their stories

YOU have the power right now to do something to help these elephants: spread the word. Most people have never heard about these poor elephants and their tragic situations! So share their stories with others via social media, email or in person. We also highly recommend you read the report and educate yourself on what elephants really need and how this type of captivity negatively affects them. Then share that knowledge with others. Every bit counts.


Start/Sign a Petition

We currently have 5 active petitions:

  1. SIGN and SHARE the petition to help Miyako.
  2. SIGN and SHARE the Japanese petition to help Miyako.
  3. SIGN and SHARE the petition to help Sunny. 
  4. SIGN and SHARE the petition to help Fuko.
  5. SIGN and SHARE our NEW petition to demand the Tennoji zoo closes down Hiroko’s exhibit in the wake of disturbing footage released in 2022 showing her final hours before she collapsed and died.

We are creating and promoting a petition for each solitary elephant one at a time—beginning with the most dire cases. We want to ensure each gets the attention it deserves. There will be more petitions coming for you to share and sign. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook. Public pressure works. Your voice CAN and WILL make a difference.



Your donation will be used to carry out only high impact, strategic initiatives to help solitary elephants in Japan, such as education programs and training workshops for industry members and policy-makers, efforts to push for the relocation of elephants to better conditions, and regulatory and legislative reforms.

Donate here

Send us your thoughts and ideas, as well.

We are always happy to hear from you.

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