Miyako - Elephants in Japan
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Years alone: 44


Miyako the elephant has been kept alone at the Utsunomiya Zoo in Japan – for 44 years, alone. She was brought here from Thailand when just a baby: 6 months old. She exhibits stress via her stereotypical behavior, gripping and shaking with her teeth the steel bar in her outdated enclosure. Unstimulated by her barren environment, Miyako attempts to interact with zoo visitors.  But this old moat style enclosure is also dangerous. If she falls over into the moat, she could be seriously injured.

Write a letter to Miyako’s zoo:

Address: Utsunomiya Zoo, 552-2 Kamikanaimachi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 321-2115

Email: info@utsunomiya-zoo.com

Phone: +81 28-665-4255


SIGN and SHARE the petition to help Miyako HERE. There is also a second petition in Japanese for Miyako which one of our followers set up. Sign the Japanese petition here.

Find out more ways you can start helping Miyako and the other solitary elephants HERE

Miyako in her outdated enclosure at the Utsunomiya Zoo in Japan.